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searches, filing and surveillance of trademark processes. Watchfulness of third parties processes. Advising clients on choosing trademarks and the best manner to protect them.

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searches, elaboration of technical revise and drawings. Preparing, filing and attendance of all kind of patents under the supervision of engineers and other specialized professionals in intellectual property.

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registration of literary, scientific and artistic works.

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Software Protection

Software registration;

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Contracts and Licenses

Negotiating and preparing contracts in relation to Intellectual Property, including franchise, know-how and software, trademark license and patents exploitation.

Domain Names

Research and domain registration.

Unfair Competition

Analysis of imitation brands and counterfeiting of patents, sensitive information and industrial espionage. Recommendation of measures.

Brand Preview

Preview The Brand is the new service from Cruzeiro/Newmarc Intellectual Property. With 89 years of experience and tradition of the market, the Cruzeiro/Newmarc launches an innovative service, saving time and avoiding unnecessary investments in brands that may be, for various reasons, unfeasible.

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