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Sebastião Silveira - Fundador
Cruzeiro | Newmarc

Born in 1907 , São Paulo , Brazil . Deceased in 1998 .


In 1932 , Sebastian Silveira founded the company that has since is engaged in the acquisition, maintaining and defense of Industrial Property / Intellectual Property Rights.

Industrial property agent since 1934 . Graduated in 1935, the Law School, University of São Paulo .


Sebastian Silveira , Dean of Industrial Property in Brazil , closely followed, by the last 60 years , the country's transformation and rebirth and development of its industrial field, which brought deep effects on his activities . It was time for changes and adaptations. Sebastian Silveira , who also worked as a journalist for Gazete of Campinas and the Popular Mail , newspapers of the State of São Paulo, contributed with legal studies to the Journal of Commercial Law , Industrial , Economic and Financial among others , as well as entries in encyclopedias on Industrial Property .


Dr. Sebastian Silveira worked at Cruzeiro Newmarc/until June 1998 .


The company maintains its pioneering spirit , always at the forefront of new technical developments . The company is now headed and administrated by his sons - Lawyers Newton Silveira and Wilson Silveira, who are the current partners and directors of the company Cruzeiro / Newmarc .




Certificate of Appointment of Official Industrial Property Agent , dated July 1934

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