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Ethics Code

Cruzeiro/Newmarc, since 2003, has its own Ethics Code.

For us, the value of a company, more than based on financial results, also is in its principles, in its values, which provide support to its identity, attitudes and behaviors.

Elaborating our Ethics Code, we evidenced such principles. It expresses our beliefs, our way of being and what we expect from each one of our associates.

We are convinced that, in order for us to develop continuously, we must ensure that our corporate objectives and ethical principles be shared by all the associates.

We operate in the Intellectual Property segment aiming at the best performance and the satisfaction of our clients. We constantly seek to maintain our reputation, conquered along these 87 years of existence, on solid and reliable bases, aware of our social and corporate responsibilities, pursuing results in an honest, fair and legal way.

Cruzeiro NewMarc

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