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On April 28, 2022, Cruzeiro/Newmarc celebrates 89 years of existence.

Almost a century ago, more precisely 89 years, our firm started its activities, and has been engaged in Industrial/Intellectual Property ever since.

Established by João da Gama Cerqueira, author of Tratado da Propriedade Industrial, a reference work in the field, the firm was directed by Dr. Sebastião Silveira for many years until he was replaced by his childrens and present partners, Prof. Dr. Newton Silveira and Dr. Wilson Silveira, both attorneys acting in litigation and conflict settlement, through the law firm Newton Silveira, Wilson Silveira e Associados – Advogados.

Prof. Dr. Newton Silveira is in charge of preparing countless opinions in Intellectual Property and competition/antitrust law.

With an indisputable reputation and renowned expertise in industrial/intellectual property matters, Cruzeiro/Newmarc has provided its clients with a wide variety of technical and legal services such as filing and follow-up of patent applications, trademarks and industrial designs, plant varieties, registration and maintenance of domain names, protection of copyright and IT rights, unfair competition and trade secrets, technology transfer agreements, licensing and franchise, publicity law, administrative litigation.

Relying on qualified technical and administrative personnel, working in an environment with own software and access to major national and international databases of patents, trademarks and ID, Cruzeiro/Newmarc serves its clients in Brazil and abroad, through its partners, associates, agents and employees worldwide.

This successful professional history has been corroborated by national and international clients that have always been served with Cruzeiro/Newmarc’s dedication and efficiency. Cruzeiro/Newmarc’s expertise and competence acquired within almost one century of existence has resolved processes and refined the way of dealing with intellectual property at the service of its clients, using a model that has been perfected throughout the decades.

Our services are provided to individuals and legal entities of all sizes and market areas in need of protecting their intangible assets, which is, without a doubt, the most valuable part of its capital.

From the contract of incorporation of Cruzeiro do Sul Patentes e Marcas Ltda dated 1933.

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Sócios Diretores: Newton Silveira, Advogado e Wilson Silveira, Advogado. Fundador da Empresa: Sebastião Silveira.



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