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Permanent Consulting / Advisory

"A trademark must be protected, defended and preserved, and used as a true instrument of growth. And it will always be remembered by your client, envied by your competitors and target of attacks. However, with a good Intellectual Property advisory, it is possible to defend yourself effectively", believes Newton Silveira, Director of Cruzeiro/Newmarc Propriedade Intelectual - which a keeps a process of permanent evolution and modernization, aiming at the globalized market perspectives. 

We carry out the general follow-up of your company’s Intellectual Property, fulfilling specific needs.
Our experience and knowledge in Intellectual Property enable us to advise our clients for the correct protection of the trademarks and patents of our clients. 
Recommendation of strategies related to the Industrial and Intellectual Property protection in face of competition, preventing the undue use of trademarks and patents.  
Advisory in trademark selection and in protection strategies definition.
Advisory in matters related to software protection, author’s rights, agreements in general, unfair competition, as well as technology transfer and its fiscal repercussions.
Our experience and knowledge at our clients’ disposal, contributing for the evolution of their businesses.

If you prefer, please call our care executive, for a detailed presentation of our
company, and other services.

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