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Efective protection of intellectual property assets

Protecting your assets

According to Houaiss, one of the most complete brazilian dictionaries, the word "protect" means more than to give support or take the necessary arrangements to defend something (against someone or something).

It also means to preserve.

And more than that: it means to promote actions for development.

When it comes to two of the major assets of your company - trademarks and patents, these definitions are inseparable.

More than investing in your trademarks, making it known and appreciated, it is also necessary to protect them.

Our line of work at Cruzeiro/Newmarc is to render the best consultant services in the intellectual property field, establishing a commitment of providing the necessary tools to protect our clients’ intellectual property assets.

With ethics, quality and experience.

A commitment we maintain for 86 years.

If you prefer, please call our care executive, for a detailed presentation of our
company, and other services.

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