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Intellectual Property

Cruzeiro / Newmarc Intellectual Property complete this year 89 years of existence. 

In this long period, in search of better work processes, developed their own methods of administration of Intellectual Property of their clients, maintaining, currently a team professionals specialized in Trademarks, Patents, Copyright and Technology Transfer. Here our customers have all the services and assistance they need in the area of Intellectual Property.

Cruzeiro | Newmarc - Propriedade Intelectual Cruzeiro | Newmarc Cruzeiro | Newmarc
Cruzeiro/Newmarc - Tradition and commitment to excellence and ethics.
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Adv Class

The ADV CLASS is a service designed for law firms do not specialize in Intellectual Property. Offer, providing more benefits to your office and clients.

Cruzeiro | Newmarc - Propriedade Intelectual

Cruzeiro | Newmarc - Propriedade Intelectual
Main Services
  • Software Protection
    Records for copyright protection.
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  • Propriedade Intelectual
    Searches, filing and tracking processes of brands. Surveillance and control requests from third parties.
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  • Propriedade Intelectual
    Records copyright of literary, scientific and artistic works.
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